Meet Marika

My name is Marika Jewell, the creator behind OH DEER. All products are made in small-batches with the purest intentions and profound gratitude. Having come to worship the ritual of bath and its ability to balance and heal us energetically is a large part of my self care practice - it was here I began to share my creations with others. Practicing herbalism and aromatherapy, choosing specific ingredients that are grown organically is of great value. Sourcing many of these ingredients within Canada is important to keep it local and support my community.

With a deep curiosity of plants it was a natural progression to be where I am today. I feel most at home when I am exploring outside here on the west coast, being near the woods where growth can truly flourish - not only feeding our minds and bodies but our souls too. Currently studying Herbalism I apply what I learn to create healthier, more intentional products for myself, my family and for you. It is a blessing too be of service during this incredible time here on the planet. Thank you for being here. 

The Journal

I am often asked where my journey began - it was a shift in consciousness, an awakening, altered perspectives that changed everything. Increasing my vibration and frequency occurred naturally while feeding my body plant-based organic foods, practicing mindful meditation and simple yoga practice changed everything for me.  My connection with food shifted as I started to truly eat food to nourish my body and mind -  I have been exploring foods, super foods, tonic herbs and beyond, bringing more clarity and overall well-being. It was then I began to make nourishing, non-toxic products for the skin. What I put into my body as well as onto my body is heavily interwoven. Here in the online journal we will explore living life holistically through food, self-care as ritual, poetry, collaborative projects and other musings from my life and work.