A book filled with stories, experiences, food lore, and ancient traditions to expand your views and alter your perspectives when it comes to human connection and food. I am on a continuous journey to find what is right for me and only me in terms of what I eat, how I choose to eat and with gratitude for the abundance available to me. It is a never ending, sometimes overwhelming but always rewarding journey. My hunger for connection is immense and Ive been fortunate to surround myself with people who share the same journey and values. I am coming to realize LIVING TAKES LIFE, whether for the consumption of meat, fruit or from corn fields, this is a natural cycle. That living organisms are sacrificed, to give gratitude for what we are offered as nourishment is the difference than to simply indulge without awareness or reverence. 

- Marika Jewell

"The knowledge that every animal, plant, person, wind, and season is indebted to the fruit of everything else is an adult knowledge". - Martin Prechtel