As I sat across from a friend of mine over a meal, we discussed the incredible opportunities and connections arising in our lives. Our dreams and visions for the future, not ignoring the ever present retrograde currently pulling us and many women we know in all types of directions. My energy was particularly low this day, which is unusual for me but our conversation naturally elated me. I came home and crashed, shed tears, feeling but also not at all. We spoke of how there is this place in-between as major transition approaches that can be uncomfortable but must be felt with compassion, a place and time to be present. 

Being present is our greatest gift and realization. To be present in our bodies and our hearts allows us to truly live. Practicing mindfullness is a wonderful way to do this through meditation, giving gratitude, being active in our bodies, bathing in salt baths to move stagnant energy. Allowing your mind to relax are some of my favourite and most sacred tools to be present. How we live our lives is completely up to us. I choose to live mine consciously. 

- Marika Jewell