This winter has been one of the best in a long long time. Living back home on the west coast has been so wonderful, close to my family, the ocean and the forest. There's not much more one could ask for. The perfect balance of sun, rain, snow and clouds - my heart is happy! 

A lot of big things happened over this past year. I went through two big moves, worked on a flower farm and learned a TON, never have I had a job that was so physical and so rewarding all at once - it was my saviour. Time mended a broken heart and I fell into a new relationship that has been so heart opening, testing and fun. Im feeling full in a city that once drained me, felt so lonely when in reality it was me that was lost, empty and seeking an out. Moving afar to find, well, something. I found a new family, a home and myself while living away from home for four years. 

Ultimately it does not matter where we go it is us we need to love, wholly and completely. You are all you've got and all you need. Sharing life, adventures, highs and lows with another sure is incredible - allowing yourself to be seen, heard and felt is humbling and expansive. 

2016 for me was heavy at times but also so light - a time of growth, bravery and true independence. Loss, the kind of loss I don't hear people talk about. My word for 2016 was trust and that I did. Now that the dust has settled enough to see, I look forward to whats to come in 2017.