I came across the ritual of breast massage one day (some time ago now), it is definitely not the 'norm' here in western cultures but a sacred and healthy practise for women. It got me curious and as I was thinking about this, up popped La Abeja Herbs through my instagram feed. I have purchased other products from her before and loved them! Its important to me to support and try other herbalists divine creations. Connection; that is why were here, after all.

She offers a healing breast oil in her online apothecary shop and I knew I had to have this. It is filled with essences of pink opal, desert rose, dandelion blossoms, yarrow and so many more potent plant energies.

An act your entire being benefits from, done properly this helps alleviate breast pain, ease hormonal ups and downs, encourages blood flow to allow for a healthy lymphatic system. Releasing toxic build up one self-care ritual at a time, I have come to realize how important this practice truly is. 

Talk to someone who does bodywork or research how to properly perform the massage yourself and do so around three times a week - its important we get to know and understand our bodies. Practice this on your own or with a partner. 

Namaste ~