We all know winter is here, leaving us with dry hands and cold feet and all that comes with it. Suraya Clemens of Wild Witch BC , nutritionist and lover of herbal medicine gifted me this warming balm! My hands and feet are always on the cold side during winter wether I'm outside or in and Ive been mindfully practicing a new breathing technique I learned while at my reflexology appointment the other week - allowing more oxygen to run through my body and warm me up.

Ive been using this warming balm, infused with ginger, cayenne and beyond! I love rubbing it on my feet and toes before slipping on my socks, warming me up by creating healthy circulation and generating heat not only from this balm but from my self-inflicted foot massage. A win-win!

"Inspired by a love of working with herbs, compounded with a desire to show the world their magic, and fortified by experience navigating the waters of mental health crises, Suraya developed a truly unique line of personal care products. Remedies so intrinsically natural that you cannot help but feel connected to the love of Mother Nature. It is a collection intended to care for more than just your superficial skin; wherein a facial toner not only tightens your pores, but invigorates your mind. Wherein a hand salve not only heals your skin but improves your circulation. A line of pure, holistic, self care."

For more info on Vancouver based Nutritionist and plant lover, Suraya, check her out at Wild Witch BC!