Abundance is when your fridge is full of produce, and cupboards full of almonds, cashews and other nuts. I didn't make my own milk for years thinking it was to complicated - since eliminating dairy its become one of my favourite things to make in the kitchen. Turns out I didn't have to miss out at all, and found out these beautiful nutrient rich options are so much more delicious and so easy to make! 

I think my favourite is almond milk! Soaked overnight and blended in the morning, typically making a litre at a time - enough to last me the week. Enough to make my coffee each morning. I don't know if its these short winter days but coffee has been a constant around our home these past few months. I still love tea and have that in-between and will share some of my go-to teas here soon!

How I do it: 1 cup almonds, 6 cups water. Blend on high for two minutes. I use a cheesecloth to strain mine but you can also use a nut milk bag. I strain into a big bowl and pour it into a clean mason jar. Store it in the fridge, consume over the next few days! 

You can sweeten / flavour your milk as well with honey, vanilla extract, maple syrup. Or get fancy and blend frozen blueberries in there (so good!) Use your milk frother and add fresh pressed espresso and coconut oil for healthy fat and steady absorption. Or simply add matcha and blend for that perfect froth.