I've suffered from asthma for most of my life. Through research and experiment I have come to worship our relationship with food as medicine - connecting us to our ancestral roots. We are inextricably linked to this earth and everything that grows here. It is our birthright to get to know these plants, animals and energies. We are one of them. We are all connected. There is no separation. 

I gave up relying on conventional asthma medication three years ago after fifteen years of dependency. The thought continuing the use of steroid medication was no longer an option moving forward.

Now I'm not saying I haven't been grateful for this medicine, it has saved me many times. It became about taking back MY power - having it be a choice to take this medication the treat this disease on my own terms. I decided after one particularly bad episode where I ended up in the hostpital that I would not live like this anymore. Something had to change.

I changed the way I ate food - nourishing my inner and outer body instead of simply consuming to eat. I've come to know my body; I've come to learn what makes it thrive and what foods make it suffer. Why hadn't I realized this connection before? It became so intuitive, so obvious. With the elimination of dairy and gluten (when possible) I heal my asthma. This revelation has given me the freedom to not worry or struggle from being short of breath. 

BREATH, is something so many of us take for granted. We aren't here to merely exist, we are here to thrive. We are here to expand the collective consciousness - by first healing our own wounds expanding our evolution of self.

Here are some natural remedies that have helped me, along with one big thing I eliminated for richer health:

COFFEE contains a small amount of theophylline which helps to relax bronchial muscles, your heart rate increases along with blood flow. This may help relax the spasm. Try drinking one small strong cup.

TURMERIC in warm almond milk. Turmeric is incredibly effective for reducing inflammation - this will help alleviate your inflamed upper respiratory. 

OMEGA 3-6-9 is full of healthy fats and includes compounds that help to stop further swelling and inflammation. Take three-six 1000mg capsules a day.

ENERGY POINTS located on the palms of our feet and hands - there are 1000's of them. When I have a hard time breathing or have anxiety I touch these points and it almost immediately helps. Take note of these charts and the points for the LUNG. Try this on yourself - breathe deep, long and slowly; feel your lungs expanding.

Always stay calm, becoming emotionally stressed only adds more tension and physical stress. Breathe slowly with the intention to create deeper and deeper breaths. Lay in a way that is comfortable, close your eyes and imagine your lungs expanding - filling with light. Be gentle with yourself. 

*(please note: I am NOT a physician. This is based off of naturopathic medicine, Ayurveda, reflexology and personal experience. Always keep an inhaler near by if this is what works best for your asthma symptoms and always consult a doctor if symptoms worsen.)