The practice of grounding; bringing our whole-self into harmony. As an air sign I am easily elevated, I am drawn to the art of increasing my vibration; therefore it is imperative that I implement self-care rituals that bring me down to earth. 

There are many ways to practice rooting down, such as reflexology to activate chi in the body, picture your feet having long roots reaching far into the earth during meditation or yoga in the park. Another favourite and effective practice is self massage on the soles of the feet. 

I created a blend specifically for this practice that is grounding, evokes a state of calm for body and mind and guarantees a restful sleep. 


I combine patchouli, vetiver, ylang ylang, chamomile and sandalwood in a bottle with carrier oil of your choice; i chose sweet almond oil along with non-gmo Vit E to extend the shelf life and add even more nourishment. 

Relax in bed and roll or drop oil onto sole of your left foot, massage with intent giving gratitude for these feet that carry you through life. Once oil is fully absorbed I repeat with the right foot. Tuck yourself into bed with a glass of water and feel your body relax and mind unwind for a tranquil sleep.